Sue Hockland - Plant Nematology Consultant


Summary CV

Formal qualifications: 

BSc. (Hons) Zoology; PhD (On the bionomics of Aphelenchoides spp.).

Employment History

July 2012: Starting life as an independent consultant!

1994 - July 2012: Consultant nematologist at The Food and Environment Research Agency (of Defra), advising plant health consultants, researchers, farmers and growers in the UK and abroad on all aspects of the detection, identification,biology and control of plant-parasitic nematodes. 

1994 - 2003: Leader, Invertebrate Identification Services, Fera

1991 - 1994: Insecticide Resistance Specialist and Nematologist

1976 - 1991: Advisory Entomologist/Nematologist with ADAS

Recent publications

Hockland, S., Niere, B., Grenier, E., Blok, V., Phillips, M., den Nijs, L., Anthoine, G., 

Pickup, J. and Viaene, N. (2012). An evaluation of the implications or virulence in 

non-European populations of Globodera pallida and G. rostochiensis for potato 

cultivation in Europe. Nematology 14 (1) 1-13.

Hockland, S., Inserra, R.N. and Kohl, L.M. (In Press). International Plant Health – 

Putting Legislation into Practice. In: Plant Nematology, Second Edition. Eds: R.N.Perry 

and M.Moens. CABI.

Hockland, S. (2008). Green route to healthy soils. HDC News, October, pp22-23.

A full CV, list of publications and References are available upon request.